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South Chicago Area Endometrial Cancer Center

Endometrial cancer, commonly referred to as uterine cancer, is a type of gynecologic cancer that forms in the tissue lining the uterus. Most endometrial cancers are adenocarcinomas. This type of cancer starts in the cells that release mucus and other fluids. It is the most common cancer of the female reproductive system.

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, it’s helpful to review information about staging and treatment options as you choose a cancer care team.

Endometrial Cancer Specialists

Our gynecologic oncologists specialize in endometrial cancer and are available for a consultation. You can request an appointment at one of our Gynecologic Cancer Institute of Chicago locations. They are a division of Affiliated Oncologists, providing advanced treatments for women's reproductive cancers, including highly advanced, robot-assisted surgery.

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What to Expect if You Were Diagnosed With Endometrial Cancer

At your initial appointment with the gynecologic oncologist, you will discuss your diagnosis and the recommended course of treatment. They may need additional tests before finalizing the stage and treatment plan. If necessary, they will schedule these for you.

The gynecologic oncologist typically performs surgeries and heads the team of cancer specialists involved in your care, including a radiation oncologist, advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners or physician assistants), oncology nurses, radiation technicians, social workers, and other support professionals dedicated to your emotional and psychological needs throughout treatment.

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Find Endometrial Cancer Doctors in the South Chicago Area

The gynecologic oncologists of the Gynecologic Cancer Institute of Chicago, a division of our practice, are here to help you understand your specific cancer diagnosis and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Second opinions are also available and recommended for newly diagnosed patients. We are located in Downers Grove and Oak Lawn, IL.