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Lung Cancer Specialists and Care Center

The lungs are neither symmetrical nor functionally identical. Lung cancer begins when the cells of a lung become abnormal and begin growing out of control. When the abnormal cancer cells grow, they can form into a tumor and even spread to other areas of the body (metastasize).

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, gathering information about the disease is can be very helpful. The medical oncologists and supportive care team at Affiliated Oncologists are experienced in lung cancer care and are here to help guide you through your cancer care journey.

What are the Types of Lung Cancer?

Read through the subtypes of small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

How is Lung Cancer Diagnosed?

Diagnosing lung cancer usually involves multiple tests. Learn more about what those types of tests are before speaking with an oncologist.

What is Lung Cancer Staging?

Staging your lung cancer is very important for determining the severity of the cancer and what the treatment plan will look like.

How is Lung Cancer Treated?

Read through the treatment types for lung cancer an oncologist may include in a treatment plan.