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Ovarian Cancer Care in the South Chicago Suburbs

Ovarian cancer, a type of gynecologic cancer, is when cancer cells develop in the tissues that cover one or both ovaries. Although there are many types of ovarian cancer, including germ cell and stromal tumors, ovarian epithelial cancer is the most common. This cancer accounts for about 90% of ovarian cancer patients and typically occurs in postmenopausal women (approximately ages 50 and up).

There is no standard screening test for ovarian cancer, and its symptoms are often vague and misdiagnosed. Signs of ovarian cancer may include:

  • pelvic or abdominal issues, such as
    • bloating

    • urinating frequently

    • irregular periods

    • unexpected vaginal bleeding (after menopause)

    • indigestion

  • fatigue

  • pain in the back, abdomen, or pelvis

Since symptoms are similar to some female reproductive conditions and other common illnesses, ovarian cancer can be difficult to diagnose at an early stage. If you notice several of these symptoms together, that could be an indicator that you need to see a doctor.

Because there are so few symptoms, ovarian cancer is typically detected at a later stage, resulting in more treatments being needed for the best results.


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Find Ovarian Cancer Doctors in the South Chicago Area

The gynecologic oncologists at Affiliated Oncologists work with each patient to recommend a treatment plan. We are ready to talk to you about your diagnosis and personalized options for ovarian cancer treatment. We also provide second opinions on diagnosis and treatment plans. Our cancer centers are located in the South Chicago suburbs, including Downers Grove and Oak Lawn, IL.